2018 has been a mixed bag in every way, including design. While some things have endured, others have changed. As we get ready for 2019, let us look at seven design trends that are OUT, and seven that are IN.

1.Dark textures OUT. Light wooden textures are IN.

While dark wooden textures like cherry, mahogany, and teak have persisted in everything from flooring to furnishing, it is on the way out – to be replaced by lighter textures like pine, oak, and maple.

Studio Gritt wood

2.Bare metal OUT. Mixed furniture is IN

When it comes to furniture, the trend is definitely going to shift away from metal furniture towards a blend of style – with acrylic, wood, and fabric dominating spaces in 2019.

Studio Gritt furniture.jpg

3.Clutter is OUT. Comfort is IN.

As people become more design conscious, the ‘less is more’ ethos is catching on. The focus is more on creating comfortable spaces that you actually use, instead of cluttering spaces with everything you might want.

Studio Gritt minimal.jpg

4.Rose gold is OUT. Bold colors are IN.

2018 is ending, and with that has faded the sheen of rose gold. Bold colors are in, as reflected in Pantone’s announcement of the vibrant ‘Living Coral’ as the color of the year 2019.

Studio Gritt color.jpg

5.Fluorescents are OUT. Ambient lighting is IN.

The era or bright florescent lighting is finally over. With LED lighting becoming more affordable, ambient lighting is IN, especially with connected homes giving you more control over every device in the office and the home.

Studio Gritt lighting.jpg