With the dawn of the IT age in the 90’s, Silicon Valley companies garnered a lot of press for their unique approach to office space design – everything from the beautiful to the bizarre. While some of them were designed to encourage a certain style of work, others were geared for flexibility. They represent but a small part of the amazing variety of office spaces.Here are some interesting examples from around the world, each with a unique approach.


The Cunningham Group Hayden Place Office

With an indoor garden, this office space focuses on sustainability – by bringing the environment inside the office!

Hayden.jpgImage courtesy: RecruitLoop


 Arctia HQ, Finland

What’s better than a floating office in the minimalist Scandinavian style for the shipping company Arctia?

Arctia4_Mika_Huisman.jpgImage courtesy: Mika Huisman


White Mountain Office

100 feet below Stockholm, this office is a converted atomic bomb shelter that seamlessly blends raw stone with sleek metal and glass to create a stunning interior.

white mountain.jpgImage courtesy: Albert France Lanord Architects


TBWA Hakuhodo Offices

Playful, minimalist, and Zen, this Japanese office for TBWA Hakuhodo strikes all the right notes to create a calm environment.

TBWA.jpgImage courtesy: Coollist


Inaugure HO, Barcelona

Combining the earthen tones of African design with the sleek elegance of modern minimalism, this design looks timeless.

HO barcelona.jpgImage courtesy: Decoist


Repurposed industrial building

This century-old building in Iowa has been converted into a beautifully warm workplace while retaining its charm and character.

industrial building.jpgImage courtesy: Neumann Monson



This Wisconsin-based insurance company’s office is a warm, welcoming place with an indoor ferris wheel!

acuity-circus.jpgImage courtesy: Fortune


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

This office is outside! With shady canopies and fresh air all around, this is unique indeed.

st. jude.jpgImage courtesy: Fortune


Pixar, Emeryville

A modern fairyland.Enough said.

pixar0.jpegImage courtesy: Creative Bloq


Circus, Buenos Aires

This simple elegant design is made of soundproof panels that delineate spaces and provide privacy. It is complemented with simple wooden furniture that enables great flexibility.

Circus.jpgImage courtesy: Dezeen