Innov8 is an Indian-grown brand of co-working spaces that focus on creating a culture through design. The offices designed for Innov8 span across India and consist of spaces with industrial design concept, with neutral colors and raw finishes, interrupted by pops of colors brought about with the choice of custom-designed furniture, plants, and materials. Some of the highlights in these designs are the interactive recreational spaces, amphitheater, well-interspersed breakout areas for brainstorming, and nap pods.

Innov8 Vikhroli details:

Spanning over 36000 sq. ft., the Vikhroli co-working space for Innov8 is spread over three floors. The design is aimed at fostering the atmosphere of a community without boundaries. Bright and airy, the office features customized furniture that encourages communication. Pine wood and neutral shades are complemented with warm and bright colors using wall art and graphics to create a vibrant space for a dynamic workforce. The office also features nap pods, a cafeteria, lounge area, and a recreational zone complete with a basketball court.


Key features:

  • Modern architecture complemented with a play of colors and graffiti
  • Functional and aesthetically appealing furniture to break the monotony
  • Specially designated nap pods and recreational areas
  • Indoor plants to promote a healthier, greener work environment





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