2700 years ago, theater and the arts in ancient Greece put the performers in the center and the audience around them – creating a single area of focus that is unique to amphitheaters. Even today, this concept holds center court in everything from sports arenas to music halls.

Even though the area of focus might not be in the center, the idea itself is central to designing beautiful spaces. Let us take a look at some interesting examples from the modern age.

The communal space

As social creatures, our spaces have always been focused on working together. This is taken to the extreme in open plan offices. But as research shows, they can have some negative effects. Therefore, it has become necessary to design communal spaces with a diffused focus area, which can provide a balance between openness and privacy. One example is Studio Gritt HQ offices, where the focus is on creating smaller spaces even in the midst of larger open areas.


Check it out at https://bit.ly/2AqWhoc.

The individual space

Having a space that is your own is essential, especially in a college hostel or dorm, where students feel immense peer pressure when they are around too many people. That is why individual spaces with a focus on privacy are sorely needed. This was achieved by creating niches in the RLS Hostel in Delhi.


Check it out athttps://bit.ly/2LR41nV.

The private space

Bedrooms are meant to be private spaces. But sometimes, focusing on privacy sacrifices light and ventilation. This was carefully avoided in the tiny House 516 by moving the space to a completely different floor – thereby ensuring privacy, proper lighting and ventilation.


Check it out athttps://bit.ly/2F7M6Jd.

The display space

The display space in a store needs a completely different approach. While narrow aisles and high shelves in malls sacrifice charm for sheer volume, niche brands like the Scrooser Concept store need a space where the focus is on an immersive experience – where you can see, touch, smell, and handle what you want to buy.4.jpg

Check it out athttps://bit.ly/2RbbELS.

Last but not the least,

The tiny space

Designing a space that is small is an incredible challenge. That is why the Sally floating room project was one of the toughest, resulting in a space that is focused on the stunning vista outside – with bare essentials inside.


Check it out athttps://bit.ly/2F7lpnN.

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