Small spaces look great in photographs but are extremely difficult to design and decorate. Here we look at five common mistakes that you can avoid and save a lot of trouble later on.

1. NOT being flexible

Studio Gritt flexible.jpgImage source: Pexels

Small spaces need to be flexible, because there is never enough space for everything all the time. This means filling it with furniture and décor that is difficult to move around – not being flexible – is the toughest mistake to solve. Beware.

2. NOT using light and ventilation 

Studio Gritt lights.jpgImage source: Pexels

The flow of fresh air and good light gains more importance in small spaces. Make sure you pay attention to the play of light throughout the day and the variations in ventilation throughout the year.

3. NOT creating storage space

Studio Gritt storage.jpgPhoto by Roman Mager on Unsplash

In small spaces, storage is always at a premium. You can go for box beds with drawers and customizable shelves. But the trickiest part is prioritizing what you need against something you like. Get a clear picture before you fill up the space.

4. NOT customizing 

Studio Gritt customize.jpgImage source: Pexels

Most furniture and décor is designed for moderately sized spaces. So it is always a good idea to customize for the small space you have, rather than buy something that will not only look out of proportion but also take up valuable space.

5. NOT avoiding what needs to be avoided

Studio Gritt to be avoided.jpgImage source: Pexels

If you see a great design in a photo and want to replicate it in your tiny space, it might not always be possible. Don’t force the fit. Try a few variations and find something that fits your space, rather than trying to make someone else’s design fit your space.