Any office space, when it is designed, is bound to be pretty impersonal. So it usually falls to the people who use it every day to spruce it up with their personal touches. Here is a look at seven simple ways to make your office your second home!

Go green 

Adding some fresh green plants is the one of the best ways to break the monotony of the design. What’s more, a sense of connection to the environment is proven to make you feel more grounded.

30Innov8 Bombay office space designed by Studio Gritt

Be artistic

Decorating walls by either painting on it or hanging some artwork is a great way to add a focal point for your office space.

2Innov8 Vikholi designed by Studio Gritt

Create niches

Niches give us a sense of privacy which is essential, especially if we spend most of our time in an open-plan office and feel constantly exposed.

kksdaInnov8 CP office space designed by Studio Gritt

Install curtains/blinds

Controlling the light is one of the most important aspects of interior design. That is where curtains and blinds offer us flexibility – especially when we work with computer screens.

16905042_1202658576453952_825139200549341495_oMedia IQ Digital office space designed by Studio Gritt 

Personalize your space

Feeling a sense of belonging is essential for work. Feeling like you are in an impersonal space can have negative impacts on your health. So bring your own creativity to work and decorate your own little corner in the office.

photo-1495521939206-a217db9df264.jpgImage courtesy:


Research has shown that sustained work is unsustainable. So play. But keep it short! It is also a great way to spruce up your workplace with a splash of color.

16797991_1198914510161692_6294101101514495982_o.jpgInnov8 Chandigarh office space designed by Studio Gritt

Pay attention to ergonomics

Last but not the least; ergonomics has become extremely important as we spend more and more time sitting. So adjusting your desk, chair, and computer displays is a must. Do it with colorful cushions, specially designed keyboards and other personal items you use every day at work.

VikrolifeatureInnov8 Vikhroli office space designed by Studio Gritt

Final word

Sprucing up your office and workspace is a very personal thing. Do what you love. Keep in mind that you may not always like what you do. So keep it flexible and simple!