It’s the holiday season, and that time of the year when you’ll have guests to stay over. So why not be the perfect host and make your space ready for the season and your guests? Here are some inexpensive products you can have in the guest room to make your guests feel really welcome:


Studio Gritt flowers.jpgPhoto by Leonardo Wong on Unsplash

Adding fresh flowers and a pretty vase is a great way to welcome your guests. Not only will it give them the feeling that you’ve put in great effort, but also will it give the added benefit of making your space look good and giving it a distinctive fragrance.

A jug of water:

Studio Gritt water.jpgPhoto by TirachardKumtanom from Pexels

 Leaving a jug of water and glasses is a thoughtful way to make your guests feel at home. It costs nothing, and it is the one of the basic essentials to make them feel comfortable.

Towels and toiletries:

Studio Gritt towels.jpgPhoto by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Keep extra towels and toiletries in the guests’ washroom, just so that you can avoid running around later to fetch these for your guests when they want to take a shower.

Extra blankets and pillows:

Studio Gritt blanket.jpgPhoto by Mary Whitney from Pexels

 A few spare blankets and pillows can be kept in the guest bedroom so as to keep them cozy and comfortable this winter season.

Mobile chargers and adapters

Studio Gritt charger.jpgPhoto by Thomas Kolnowski on Unsplash

Chargers and adapters are often forgotten to be packed, so leave an extra charger and adapter for the guests, in case they’ve forgotten to bring theirs.