With the arrival of 2019, it is probably time to measure the performance of your workforce in the previous year and implement measures to improve it.  Begin by checking whether your employees are happy and productive enough, and then study your office environment to assess whether it needs to be improved so that they work at the optimum level.

Studies show that work timings and work space flexibility deeply affect the efficiency of your employees. Therefore, the need of the hour is to bring changes to your office space so that it is not stressful for your staff.

Design for your employees


While choosing your office layout, you should always keep in mind the way your staff works, and their different needs, roles, functions, and work patterns. You should never plan to have a cafeteria near private zones or meeting halls as it would affect the work of those working in these spaceswho need silence and privacy.

Ergonomics is key


It is always important to design or arrange workspaces and other products (especially furniture) in accordance with the needs of the people using them. On a deeper level, ergonomics aims at studying about the abilities and limitations of humans and using the results to improve the way they interact with various environments and products. It is also a great way to create safe and productive office spaces and decrease the risk of injuries to the employees, while increasing their wellbeing.

The adjustable sit/stand desk is one of the major additions in a modern, stress-free office. It is one simple, yet effective way to improve the health of your employees.

Harness the power of nature


Several studies have proven that plants help in boosting concentration, and therefore, productivity. It also helps the employees to stay calm and relaxed. Create a clean, fresh, and healthy interior by adding potted/hanging plants and fresh flowers in the office.

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