With the approach of a whole new year, who wouldn’t be excited to revamp and renovate their spaces? But before making the big move, hear the experts out: According to a majority, 2019 will be a “renaissance of the ’70s, with a twist”. Take a look at the old fads that are making a huge comeback the coming year.

Curves and all the edges

roundmirrorImage courtesy: Unsplash

Designer Anne Hepfer has it that 1970s-inspired rounded furniture will make it big come 2019. There are a lot of ways to bring back the curvy trend to your place: rounded back chairs, round mirrors, round wall décor… the list goes round and round.

All things macramé

hangingplant.jpgImage courtesy: Unsplash

From wall hangings to furniture to plant hangers, macramé has topped the list of essential items to spruce up your space in the last two years. And it looks like the trend is here to stay.

Velvet and suede

velvet.jpgImage courtesy: Unsplash

Remember the time when velvet couches and sofas were a thing? Well, it seems like the luscious velvet is taking the world by storm again – and this time, as single armchairs and pretty cushions and throw pillows.

Wicker whatnots

baskets.jpgImage courtesy: Unsplash

Wicker has risen from the ashes – only to emerge as intricately woven baskets, mirror/photo frames, headrests, and statement furniture. And the best part: wicker products come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The Terrazzo Trend

terrazzo.jpgImage courtesy: Unsplash

According to many experts, terrazzo is anticipated to be one of the biggest trends of the coming year. Terrazzo floors, tables, wallpapers, tiles, carpets – everything seems to have come back in vogue in a much better, swagger way.

Now that you’ve heard the experts talk, it’s probably time to make the old, new again.