The products you have at your workspace, in whatever size they come, have the power to transform and improve the work environment, and eventually, the mood and productivity of the employees.

Here are a few simple, creative, and extremely functional products we have at our space that you could take inspiration from.

The practical coin collector


One of the worst ways to start your day at work is at a cluttered, messy desk. Not only is it an eyesore, but also does it hinder your concentration and productivity. Say goodbye to a messy desk with this coin collector – in addition to being a piggy bank, this product serves as a tray to hold things like your keys and small stationery.

The humble tape dispenser


A tape dispenser is a bare necessity, and ‘Just in Tape’ is designed just so. Removing all excesses and embracing minimalism, this dispenser is inspired by the snail. Add this to your desk and be reminded of the beauty of minimalism, every day!

The adjustable table lamp


The Little Red Riding Hood lamp stands tall on your desk and shines its light. This lamp features adjustable angles, and can easily be adapted to various settings. It’s a perfect addition to any desk.

The pretty stool

4 stool.jpg

Trix, as we have named it, is a modular stool that utilizes simple shapes. This elegant stool is made using wood and metal, and is easy to assemble and stack. The exposed joints of the stool are its signature, adding character to its look.

The In-house four-wheeler

four wheeler

Our solution to a boring, unhappy workplace: an in-house four-wheeler! It’s fun, it’s different, and that’s how we roll!