We spend a lot of time in our offices, as much as 33 – 40% of our adult working lives. But if we look at some of the most common office designs, they are in such a way that it is easy to install and maintain, but not very conducive to work in. Some studies have actually shown a direct correlation between bad office design and poor performance

of workers (Ref: https://www.cebma.org/wp-content/uploads/CAT-Open-Office-Design-Forshay.pdf).

But don’t feel helpless yet! There is a lot that you can do about it. With simple changes to your work space, you can get some remarkable benefits. Here are five great examples that you can start with:

1. Get energized with warm color

Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) on your desk help you feel motivated and pumped up. So, create a bright space by either painting your desk or placing small flowering pots or shelves that add a splash of color.

6J6A2786Innov8 Noida office space designed by Studio Gritt

2. Do away with the desk

Moving around instead of just sitting in a single place is shown to be great, both for physical health and creative thinking. So get yourself a portable stand for your laptop and move. Use the couch when you feel like it.

DSC00165Studio Gritt HQ in Bengaluru

3. Embrace the green

Being a part of nature (or just closer) is proven to reduce your blood pressure and make you calmer. So step into the balcony. If your office faces a park or has some plants on the balcony, take full advantage of it.

18Innov8 Bombay office space designed by Studio Gritt

4. Light it up!

Lighting has a huge impact on how we feel, which in turn influences how we work. With modern LED lighting, you have an amazing opportunity to create your own mood lighting. Ditch the fluorescent and switch to some warmth.

33336Innov8 Vikhroli office space designed by Studio Gritt

5. Break the straight lines

Research has shown that smooth flowing curved lines, instead of angular straight lines can make us calmer and more peaceful. This is not just in what we stare at, but also what is in the background. So, go ahead, add some shapes to your desk.

7Innov8 Bombay office space designed by Studio Gritt