We are fuelled by the purpose of making your life easy

Studio Gritt is our design universe, a place where our ideas are born, discussed, rejected, reborn and become real. It is a space where we work as a community, on a common floor, on common ground. Where life and form is infused into your furniture, spaces and products.


is a gardener of people. His understanding of them is deep and complete, nurturing them and their creativity, pushing them to challenge themselves and find their own voice. With an intuitive understanding of design, he brings a passionate energy to his work. When he isn’t brainstorming new design concepts, he can be found feeding his team delicious grub, pulling them along on jungle safaris and treks, playing with Eva, his German Shepherd or spending time with family.

Kritika Jeff

is a designer who never works in half measures. An empty space drives her imagination crazy. Her sense of design comes from watching her father produce miracles as an architect. As Kritika says, art must be functional and spaces must speak. Travel, adventure and food are things that nourish her soul.

Sharannya K T

is an independent spirit, believes in love, and its this emotion she tries to evoke in every space. A passionate architect whose love for design rivals that of her pets, her independent soul is complemented by her love for dance, yoga and the soul stirring notes of old music.

Meenhas F Naaz

is a dreamer, who thinks about interiors in terms of imagination and creativity yet not leaving logic behind. A quiet girl who lets her work do the talking, her passion is expressed in the beautiful lines of furniture, her resolve in taking her projects to their logical conclusion.

Mahesh Manohar

comes to the team with more than 5 years of experience. He is constantly in an attempt to better his expertise, and his skills are equally matched by his wit. He enjoys long drives and gaming, and also spends his time in search of good food.

Mradula Tiwari

is the quirky member of the team and is fondly referred to as Maddy. She is bold in her choices, quick at what she does and always rises to any challenge that presents itself. When given the time, she uses it to catch up on the latest movies and shows, and is a big fan of anime.

Manpreet Bhattee

is a recent graduate and spends his time developing designs for products and sketching them. A keen foodie, he is also the go to person to find out about good eateries in the locality.

Sheena Thomas

is a member of a new generation of designers that combine shrewd analysis, playful experimentation and humour. Quick to learn, eager to know and with her own set of lovable quirks she is an integral part of the design team. As serious as she is about work, you can often find her unwinding and playing with strays or engrossed in a book.

Amit Verma

is a designer and an engineer and is quick to figure out solutions to design dilemmas. He strongly believes in the power of research in design development and can quite often be found sketching at his table.